Confirm closure of beaches for Easter in Campeche

The Ministry of Tourism affirmed that they will not affect the hotel and restaurant sector

The popular resorts and public beaches of Campeche will remain closed at Easter, but they still do not know how to handle the rest of the beaches such as Sombrerón and Roca Mar in Seybaplaya, reported the head of the Ministry of Tourism, Jorge Manos Esparragoza, who stated that this It will not have major effects on hotel occupancy expectations thanks to the green alert on the national epidemiological traffic light.

Previously, the state official stressed that in talks with the Comprehensive Port Administration of Campeche (APICAM) they agreed that public beaches such as Playa Bonita in Campeche and Payucán in Seybaplaya would not be open to the public, due to the viral contingency, since in 2020 the Easter was without a beach.

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He also affirmed that they have taken note of the actions taken by the town councils of other municipalities where there are popular spas; as in Champotón, where the spa known as Boca del Río has already been closed again.

The authorities do not have jurisdiction in areas known as Sombrerón, Roca Mar and Acapulquito between Campeche and Champotón, as well as in Miramar or Punta Xen between Champotón and Escárcega, because they are spaces in the federal zone and since the change to the green alert in the National Epidemiological Traffic Light, federal authorities such as the National Guard and the Mexican Army have not had eviction operations.

During the most critical time of the pandemic in the state, these federal agencies carried out various operations to peacefully evict people who visit these places, a situation that the acting president of Seybaplaya, Diego Pablo Palomo Ku, has denounced on constant occasions in its federal maritime zone spaces.

Although Manos Esparragoza recognized that there is no Easter without a beach, he affirmed that these closings will not significantly affect the projections of the hotel and restaurant sector, as he reiterated that they expect 40 percent of hotel occupancy in the capital and municipalities in the interior of the state, except for Carmen where they raise 50 percent or more.


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