Expat who threatened to kill young Yucatecan has her business shut down by authorities


MERIDA YUCATAN. – After the aggression of a Canadian woman on a minor went viral, the authorities closed the business of the foreigner, located in Paseo de Montejo.

The youngest, between 16 and 17 years old, was helping in her mother’s art gallery when suddenly Dawn S., of Canadian origin, came in and assaulted the young woman.

clausuran negocio de extranjera que agredió a joven

The cause of the annoyance

Presumably, the woman was upset because in recent days the gallery owners asked her to move several tables, which were their property and were in front of the premises. In response, the woman began to threaten and verbally assault the minor, telling her: “if you mess with me and my business, you’re dead” and later hit her with glass.

Clausuran negocio de extranjera que agredió a una joven - ¡Al chile!

Threats of death

Terrified by the attack, the young woman screamed for help while the Canadian threatened to kill her and bury her in the garden. After the attack, the mother of the minor filed a complaint and hundreds of users demanded justice and the deportation of the foreigner

The premises are closed

Several people went to the place to carry out a demonstration until, shortly after 4 in the afternoon, the place was closed by the authorities, without knowing the reasons.

Empresaria extranjera golpea y amenaza de muerte a una joven en Mérida (Audio)

They ask for justice

Both Yucatecans and foreigners demand justice. Such is the case of an American couple who reported that they supported the affected minor since a Yucatecan friend of their daughter claimed to have been the victim of mistreatment by the same woman.

Source: yucatan.com.mx, yucatanahora.mx

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