Mérida Expat attacks a defenseless teenager breaking her nose and death threatening her (AUDIO)

Dawn Simmons (Facebook)

Through social networks the user Isabel A. announced that the daughter of her friend Carolina, a minor named Ana was attacked by the owner of the Harlow restaurant located in Paseo de Montejo, an American woman around 55 years of age named Dawn Simmons who used a piece of broken glass to threaten Ana, in addition to threatening her to death, and then beating her up until her nose is broken.

The complaint explains that Carolina and her daughter Ana recently arrived in Yucatan where they wanted to lead a quiet life, and that is why they opened an art gallery right next to the Harlow restaurant on Merida’s Paseo de Montejo.

The problem that triggered the alleged attack was that the North American woman “updated to reflex she is Canadian” (Dawn Simmons), placed tables in her restaurant right in front of the gallery, for which the owners of the place asked her to please remove one of the tables that was obstructing the entrance to their business. However, according to the publication, the owner of the restaurant entered violently attacking Ana, who was alone in the place.

According to the complaint on social networks, the aggressor (now known as #LadyHarlow) entered the gallery yelling that she would kill and bury the body of the girl (as it can be heard clearly on the audio that has gone viral on social networks), while threatening her with a piece of broken glass.

They were having an argument, as it can be heard on the audio, but suddenly the foreign woman goes totally berserk, as if she was under the influence of some kind of drug, and began to beat the young woman violently until she broke her nose.

Users on social networks have reacted to this fact by repudiating the actions of the owner of the Harlow restaurant and asking the Yucatan authorities to act against this dangerous person, capable of reacting in such a violent way. And if necessary, extradite or imprison her, and of course, close down the restaurant.

So far there is no position on the part of the police or government authorities of the city and the state, in addition to the fact that the state of health of young Ana is unknown, however, in the Facebook publication it is indicated that a formal complaint has been presented before the Yucatan prosecutor’s office.

Dawn Simmons

“The people of Yucatan are not going to allow a foreign person to attack a Mexican citizen with full treachery and advantage without doing something about it,” several users on social networks have declared in this regard.

Source: Yucatan a la Mano

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