Aguascalientes health workers demand to be vaccinated


In Aguascalientes, around 300 health workers demonstrated to demand that the authorities, both federal and state, consider them for the vaccination campaign, as they provide their services in hospitals and areas where Covid.

“We request the authorities to be immunized because we are on the front line of the battle, working for the population. We need everyone to be vaccinated, ”said Esperanza Caballero, one of the workers.

During the demonstration, which started from 28 de Agosto Street to Plaza Patria in the center of the state capital, there were slogans referring to the lack of vaccination and the indifference of which they are victims on the part of the Federal and State authorities.

In addition, they also marched for their colleagues who unfortunately lost their lives as a result of Covid -19. “Comrades have passed away who, while being active, gave their lives to the service of health.

These people were friends, family members who lost the fight against this terrible disease, and today we also recognize their great work, that is why today we raise this cry so that our demand is heard and taken into account “, one of the protesters said.

Once in the main square, the protesters stood in front of the Government Palace, where they made a circle to leave their slogans and banners on the building’s façade.

“We make public this reality that we live. We strongly demand that the corresponding state and federal authorities take action on this issue and resolve this situation for us as soon as possible, in order to exercise our functions with greater security and greater commitment,” said a health worker who identified himself as Juan Antonio Solís Terán.

Source: Milenio

Aguascalientes Daily Post