Did you know that Querétaro has a Bicentennial Park?


Did you know that Querétaro  has a Bicentennial Park ?

That’s right, with more than twenty fun attractions made for children and adults and with a pool area of ​​26,540 meters, it is one of the best options for family fun. Do you want to know it?

The Querétaro Bicentennial Park is approximately two and a half hours away by car from the shoe city and only two hours from Guanajuato capital.

In short, it is made up of four main sections: attractions for children and for the whole family, extreme adventure, and the water park. With fifty pesos of the general admission cost, you can enjoy what each one of them offers, with some exceptions, and even enjoy the open-air theater at no cost. In the aquatic area, with a capacity of up to three thousand people, there are colorful slides, a wading pool for the little ones, a social pool and for the elderly as well, as well as a souvenir shop; And, as if this were not enough, you can enjoy a ride in the rowboat admiring the trees that surround the beautiful island located in the center of the lake.

In addition, on board a train shaped like a worm, the infants will shout with excitement on the 150-meter roller coaster ; Or, about a colorful dinosaur in a circular circuit that goes up and down; or in full view of parents as they ride the carousel. For those who like risk, they can find zip lines, a suspension bridge, known as the most extreme of the Bajío, a seven-meter-high wall that you can climb in its three levels of difficulty; roller coasters with 360 degree turns, skateboarding tracks and more.

Finally, the attractions for the whole family are made up of: a farm, with farm animals and other peculiar ones such as llamas, ostriches, and watusis; a herbarium, with more than 87 species of amphibians and reptiles, from the most harmless to the most poisonous; a peaceful express train ride around the entire lake and much more.

And this is all that you can find just a few hours from the capital, it should be noted that at the moment the park is closed due to the pandemic that the country is going through, however, it is an excellent option to clear up once it is finished the contingency that puts our health at risk.

Source: Milenio

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