“Dos Casas” boutique hotel, in San Miguel de Allende is just perfect for an intimate wedding


“PopUpWeddings is a small-format wedding model that emerged in Portugal and was created by the wedding planer Rui Mota Pinto”, explained Guadalupe Álvarez from Penzi Weddings , a company that has been in charge of adapting this concept in Mexico and that recently arrived in San Miguel de Allende.

The idea came to fruition at the Dos Casas boutique hotel in San Miguel Allende, an ideal place for this type of celebration, according to Mexican entrepreneur Sandra Vázquez.

“The theme of romance, of wanting to celebrate and be with close people is not going to end. The desire to be with your partner and have a special celebration will always exist ”, explained Sandra Vázquez.

In these difficult times of pandemic, in which mass celebrations have ceased to be popular due to the health issue, an experience such as PopUpWeddings has emerged as an ideal scheme to celebrate love.

(Photo: Dos Casas Boutque Hotel)

Guadalupe Álvarez says that this type of wedding brings together 15 to 40 people because beyond 40 it would no longer be intimate. However, she explained that some of these weddings have taken place with only two people, the contracting parties, and in many cases, that’s more than enough.

Penzi Weddings goes beyond event design. They are in charge of coordinating and solving each of the aspects of the wedding. From the photographer to the flowers, from the cake to the location. In the words of Guadalupe Álvarez, her experience and attentive ear will help clients create the intimate wedding through her wide network of providers that have everything necessary for the celebration.

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