Argentina suspends flights from Mexico due to worsening pandemic


Argentina reported Thursday that it decided to suspend flights from Brazil, Chile, and Mexico to prevent cases of different strains of coronavirus from spreading in the country, which awaits an imminent second wave of infections.

The Government explained that the measures, which include tests and mandatory isolation for Argentines who return to the country from other regions, will take effect from Saturday.

“Until a new decision, regular flights will be suspended from (…) Chile, Brazil, Mexico,” according to a government press release, which clarified that these countries will add to the restrictions already in place for the United Kingdom.

Argentina registered 2,278,115 cases of COVID-19 as of Thursday, with 55,092 deaths. The authorities’ concern is that the chaotic situation in neighboring Brazil, with more than 12 million cases and 300,000 deaths, will hit the southern country.

Given the imminence of the second wave, the government aims to put a brake on the circulation of new strains, such as the Brazilian, without affecting economic activities. According to official data from the National Directorate of Migration, there are around 25 thousand Argentines abroad.

“If they arrive with Covid [the passengers] they will have to be confined by the State, in hotels or wherever, and they will have to pay them,” Solá said in dialogue with radio El Uncover. “Do they have the right to leave? Yes, but we have the right to tell them that they will have more requirements and that they will have much fewer flights. We advise against people leaving the country. Because the problem is not going to be getting out, the problem is going to be coming back, ”added the official.

However, hours later, from the Casa Rosada, they clarified that it was still a measure that was under analysis and that there was no definition on the subject.


Mexico Daily Post