40% of citizens would accept a military government in Mexico, according to INEGI


16.6% of those surveyed by INEGI “strongly agree” and another 23.5% “somewhat agree” with a military government.

Almost 8 out of 10 Mexicans acknowledged being in favor of a government headed by a strong political leader, while 40% of the population would agree with a government headed by the military, according to the National Survey of Civic Culture (ENCUCI) 2020 prepared by INEGI and INE.

According to the measurement of the democratic inclination of the population, collected among people aged 15 years and over, a vast majority (90% of citizens) is in favor of a government where everyone participates in decision-making, or one that is headed by experts in health, economics, and other technical subjects.

However, the measurement itself shows a significant number of citizens who lean towards undemocratic regimes.

41.5% of those interviewed “strongly agree” and 36% “somewhat agree” with the government of a strong leader (a global acceptance of 77.5%). The remaining 22.5% expressed “somewhat disagreement” and “strongly disagree”.

Meanwhile, 16.6% of those interviewed “strongly agree” and another 23.5% “somewhat agree” with a military government (40% in total). The remaining 60% rejected this type of government.

Questions about the citizen’s inclination toward government by a strong politician or one led by the military had not been included in previous measurements of civic culture.

The inclination towards undemocratic regimes is due to how citizens process their disenchantment over the failures or errors of their governments.

For example, 52.7% expressed being satisfied with the democracy that exists today in Mexico, but 46.8% (practically half of the population) said they were little or not at all satisfied.

Likewise, although 65% consider that democracy is preferable to any other form of government, 31% admit that “in some circumstances” a democratic government may “not be the best option”, or that they do not care about a regime democratic than an undemocratic one.

61% of citizens consider that the laws are little or not respected in Mexico, and 45% believe that it is not possible to reduce corruption, whose fight is a banner of the current federal administration.

Source: animalpolitico.com

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