Mazatlan prohibits racers, ATV, horses, and private vehicles on the beach


The rent of these vehicles increases considerably at Easter and their fees are up to 2,000 pesos per hour

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – For all those who do not respect the speed limits when traveling in rental vehicles for entertainment, known as RACERS, the police and government side will be applied, this was announced by the Municipal Public Security Secretary, Juan Ramón Alfaro Gaxiola.

The commander declared, “on the beach private vehicles will not be allowed, neither Racer, nor ATVs, nor horses,” he said.

The official also stated that they will be on the lookout so that the Racer drivers are not playing races or circulating at excessive speed on the boardwalk or other avenues and if they are surprised, they will be stopped to apply the corresponding fine.

When taking a tour of the different Racer rental places and asking what are the requirements and the cost to rent one of these vehicles, we were informed that they are asked for a driver’s license, voter ID, where they are staying, number emergency cell phone and sign a contract where they will be responsible for paying the damage or deductible of the vehicle and in the event they are fined they will pay the fine.

They also announced that, at Easter, the cost of renting a Racer is more than 2,000 pesos per hour, depending on how new this vehicle is.


The Mazatlan Post