2,500 security personnel will monitor the safety of vacationers in Quintana Roo


More than 2,500 personnel from the different security and emergency care bodies will be distributed throughout the geography of the State to take care of vacationers during the next vacation period, which will begin on March 27, reported the director of the State Coordination for Civil Protection, Adrián Martínez Ortega.

He also explained that in the 11 municipalities of Quintana Roo the Easter holiday operation will be launched, to give shelter, protection, and security to local and foreign vacationers who will reach beaches, archaeological zones, shopping centers, and other points of Quintana Roo.

Security personnel will be available, although it is up to each city council to determine which are the points with the greatest number of people, where the presence of the personnel who will participate in this strategy regarding the protection of the civilian population will be strengthened.

He indicated that there are more than 2,500 people who participated in the operation, including personnel from the directorates of state Civil Protection and municipalities, National Guard, Secretary of the Navy, Public Security, Transit, among others.

He said that, even though the health contingency of the covid-19 does not expect the same number of vacationers as in previous years, it is an obligatory and necessary issue to activate this operation in all municipalities.

Source: palcoquintanarroense.com.mx

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