Over one thousand people received fake Covid vaccine in Campeche


Campeche, Campeche, (March 23, 2021).- More than a thousand people were injected with false Sputnik V vaccines, similar to the batch of apocryphal doses seized by the General Administration of Customs at the airport on March 17.

According to Reforma, the fake Sputnik V vaccines were administered to workers at Karim’s maquiladora, located in Campeche, owned by Pakistani Mohamad Yusuff Amdani, in addition to executives and politicians close to the businessman, some from Yucatán and even from Mexico City (CDMX).

Mohamad Yusuff Amdani (Photo: Tribuna Campeche)

Fake vaccines were injected at Campeche’s Ocean View hotel and in a private company

People close to Pakistani Mohamad Yusuff Amdani were vaccinated with false doses at the Ocean View hotel, owned by the businessman, as well as in a private office located in the capital of Campeche.

Reforma interviewed two people who were vaccinated, who assured that they were summoned on March 15 in a private medical office to be vaccinated against Covid-19 for free. Unidentified nurses gave them the shot of the fake Sputnik V vaccine.

In the case of the private company, the workers were vaccinated 2 weeks ago, there they were informed that they would be vaccinated against Covid-19 for free so that they could continue working without risk of contagion.

Ocean View Hotel in Campeche, property of Mohamad Yusuff Amdani (Photo: La I)

False leftover doses would be those seized by customs in Campeche

Mohamad Yusuff Amdani was allegedly responsible for importing the fake Sputnik V vaccines, to apply them to nearby workers and businessmen. The leftover vaccines would be those that were recently seized.

On March 17, the General Administration of Customs seized 1,155 vials of vaccines against Covid-19 Sputnik V, equivalent to 5,775 doses, at the Campeche International Airport. The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) pointed out that the seized doses were false.

Malecon de Campeche

After the confiscation of the fake vaccines, the maquiladora closed its doors and gave its workers vacations until April 4th, Mohamad Yusuff Amdani owns the Karim Textil & Apparel maquiladora, the Church’s Chicken restaurant, and the Ocean View Hotel.

Source: Reporteros Hoy

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