Hitmen ambush and execute a US citizen in Cancun, Mexico


CANCUN, QUINTANA ROO (March 22, 2021).- After a car chase in a residential area, two men, one of American nationality, were ambushed and executed aboard their truck on the Cancun-Puerto Morelos federal highway.

In an attempt to save their lives, the victims entered the Aldea Ha residential area but were hit and riddled with gunfire. The armed attack occurred around 11:17 p.m. on Saturday, March 20.

The first reports indicate that the now deceased were circulating in the direction of Cancun in a dark gray Acura minivan with Quintana Roo license plate number URP-775-P.

As they passed the entrance to CrocoCun, they were intercepted by two men on a motorcycle, who began shooting at them at close range.

The victims accelerated and meters ahead they left the road to enter the aforementioned residential area where, unfortunately, they were hit and shot to death.

Later, the armed men escaped on the Federal highway on direction to Puerto Morelos.

Once the hitmen left, the security personnel called 911 to report the events, so paramedics from a private company arrived at the site, who confirmed that the two people had already died.

Shortly after, agents of the Puerto Morelos Municipal Police and Ministerial Agents from the homicide department arrived to take charge of the corresponding procedures.

Upon opening the unit, the expert services personnel of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) found in the driver’s seat a man of approximately 35 years of age, with a light brown complexion, bald, who was wearing white shorts. and gray shirt.

In the passenger seat, a man of approximately 45 years of age, light complexion, gray hair was found, who was wearing a black shirt, gray shorts and he had a backpack in which police officers found a passport with a photograph that matched his physical features and identified him as a US citizen.

The procedures for the search and assurance of evidence by the expert services personnel took about three hours and in the end, they proceeded to transfer the bodies to the SEMEFO Forensics Office.

As a result of this double execution, the Public Ministry of the Common Law (MPFC), initiated the investigation file corresponding to the case for the crime of homicide, against whom or who are responsible.

Source: Novedades de Quintana Roo

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