The Ministry of Health Durango fears a new wave of infections in the holiday period


To date, Durango has a cumulative 31,813 people who have tested positive for Covid-19, after 50 new cases were reported this Friday

As of today, Durango already registers a total of 31,813 positive cases for Covid-19, reported in his daily report the head of the Ministry of Health in Durango (SSD), Sergio González Romero, who reported that this Friday 19 In March, 50 new SARS-CoV-2 positive patients were reported, in addition to three deaths.

The pandemic has not yet ended, so the health sector fears that during the Easter holiday period, the number of infections will skyrocket if the mobility of people in tourist centers increases, where crowds tend to occur, hence they ask be cautious and continue to respect the measures that have been emphasized from the beginning.

To date, Durango accumulates a total of 26 thousand 776 people recovered, in addition to two thousand 190 deaths. The SSD also reported 1,887 people from Durango who are awaiting the result of the test, despite this, the number of active cases of which there is a record is 628 patients, most of which are concentrated in the municipalities of Durango and Gómez Palacio. .

González Romero assured that currently 91 patients are currently hospitalized and of these 24 are reported as serious.

A total of 86 thousand vaccines have arrived in the state, and 10 thousand 776 have been applied to health personnel, while another 43 thousand 091 among adults over 60 years of age, so that in the coming days the immunization of people in the municipalities of Mapimí, Guanaceví, El Oro, San Juan del Río, Rodeo and San Bernardo.

He explained that so far, there have been no major incidents, while the date for the second application of the vaccine to older adults is still on time and is already assured.

The relaxation that society maintains is worrying, especially these days, as it should be remembered that this type of action has led to serious waves of infections in other countries. So in Durango, a similar situation may occur in the coming days and during the vacation period.

“No one can predict, if this high mobility persists, the amount of infections that we will have, but there will necessarily be a high contagion,” said the state health secretary, who pointed out that it is the people who carry the virus and who carry it. everywhere and it is in the conglomerations where these cases occur most frequently.

“Please make the state health team happy, taking all preventive measures so that the situation of the pandemic does not get out of hand, be considerate of health personnel and their families since some may lose their lives,”Said González Romero.


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