Not even the fine of 720 pesos persuades public transport drivers to use a mask in Mazatlán


The main cause of the sanction to public transport drivers in Mazatlán is for not wearing face masks and carrying too many passengers. Also for excessive speed.

Neither Sinaloa.- payment 720 pesos fine educates some drivers to use the masks in Mazatlan. 

The delegate Roads and Transportation in the southern region, José Vallejo, reported that last Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday they issued 40 tickets to all modes of public transportation, such as aurigas, taxis, and pulmonias. Also, urban transport trucks, the official added.

The main causes of the sanction are for not wearing face masks and carrying too much passage. Also for excessive speed.

Vallejo indicated that the idea is not to raise resources, rather it seeks to raise awareness among the operators of the steering wheel so that they respect the regulations and that they take care of the sanitary measures for their health and that of the passengers.

He added that for the Easter holidays, they will implement an intense operation to ensure that drivers wear face masks, respect the authorized passenger capacity and maintain sanitary measures, such as disinfection of vehicles.

These averages are to reduce the risks of Covid-19 infections this holiday season.

The delegate of Roads and Transportation asked the population and tourists to report if the drivers do not comply with the sanitary provisions since taking care of their health depends on this.


The Mazatlan Post