Increase of 71 million poor with AMLO according to CONEVAL


For the good of Mexico, first the poor.” It is one of the President’s favorite phrases. López Obrador loves the poor for years, and his entire campaign focused on them and from his first day of government …

And they are the ones who are receiving stab after stab, the devious blow of budget cuts, the damage that comes with the cancellation of programs. In the second year of his administration, he redoubled his efforts, and his number would increase as perhaps it had not happened since the Mexican Revolution … Wow! That really is making history in a big way.

When he again goes out into the towns of Mexico, to launch his speeches, eat Garnachas, inaugurate works, the President will have more millions of poor at his fingertips. His “ambition” is undergoing a great “transformation.”

For some middle-class families, this crisis will transform them into poor people, and those who already were will be led to misery, known as extreme poverty. It should not be ruled out that certain people who had a comfortable situation lead them to be middle class.

Massive and downward social mobility.

The planning has been flawless. While the Covid-19 surfaced in China, AMLO finalized the destruction of the Seguro Popular, which he executed as soon as the year began. Before he had already canceled the purchases of medicines, with his song of corruption.

In the same way, and with the same pretext, for the poor who were going to face food shortages, it had canceled the community kitchens, and for the working mothers, the children’s stays. And then the pandemic arrived. He said that “like a glove” very seriously.

The result will be unmatched. Coneval estimates that in 2018 there were 61.1 million people living in poverty.

By 2020 that number will have increased to 70-71 million. The number in extreme poverty was estimated at 21 million two years ago, which may SURPASS 32 million.

Much is the work of the economic collapse caused by Covid-19, of course, but it is necessary to give credit to it, it deserves it. AMLO has refused to bail out businesses and jobs, under the hackneyed pretext of corruption and claiming that a countercyclical fiscal policy would bring with it a more unequal distribution of wealth. He has said that it would be a matter of supporting an elitist policy.

Lopez’s thing is to expand his client networks. A few credits scarce in amount and opaque in delivery is what he tires of showing off.

2020 will be triumphant for the workers, turning Mexico into a great factory for the poor, with the President directing the efforts.

If the recession even turns into depression, it does not matter, because for the President that metric does not work.

That wow! that is determination, genuine passion and love for poverty: multiplying it.

Aumenta 71 millones de pobres con AMLO según CONEVAL

Aletia Molina

@ AletiaMolina1

Journalist, graduated from UNAM.


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