As of today, all films in Mexico must be subtitled and we’ll you why


Starting today, Mexican cinemas will only be able to show their films in their original language and with Spanish subtitles in order to guarantee the right to culture for people with hearing disabilities.

The amendments to article 8 of the Federal Cinematography Law were published in the morning edition of the Official Gazette of the Federation ( DOF ) after they were approved in the Congress of the Union.

And it is that this change occurs after last Tuesday, February 16, it was announced that the  Chamber of Deputies approved that all films that are shown in theaters, regardless of whether it is in Spanish or another language, have subtitles without exception.

This was announced through an opinion issued by the Culture and Cinematography Commission that has as a priority to help people who have hearing impairment and therefore cannot enjoy the film well.

With this, article 8 of the Federal Cinematography Law is amended, which was endorsed with 443 votes in favor and from there it was passed to the Executive Power to be published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), for entry. in force.

While in terms of children’s films and educational documentaries, these contents can be dubbed into Spanish but must also be presented with subtitles.

In this way, the norm was approved on February 16 where this type of people who suffer from this weakness will be supported.

With this, it is sought that they can better enjoy any movie they want to see in the cinema in Mexico.

These changes also include, of course, any film that is broadcast in Spanish, which even if it is the one in Mexico, this will not make any distinction so that all film companies have to comply with this requirement endorsed by the Official Gazette of the Federation. .

“The films will be shown to the public in their original version and subtitled in Spanish, under the terms established by the regulations. Those classified for children and educational documentaries may be shown dubbed, but always subtitled in Spanish ”, it reads.


Mexico Daily Post