A Veracruz 94-year-old man goes out to work on a sugarcane field every day


At 94, Don Goyo goes out every day to work in the sugarcane fields. During the harvest season, he works cutting cane without shoes and with a machete in hand. The man continues to work in the cane fields to earn money so he can eat.

He lives in a shack without a concrete floor, built with waste on Miguel Hidalgo y Reforma Street in the López Portillo neighborhood, municipality of Ángel R. Cabada, Veracruz. He sleeps in an old hammock and despite having children, he has not seen them for many years.

He can barely walk and needs to lean on a stick, however, he works between 10 and 12 hours a day in the municipality chaired by Arturo Herviz Reyes, leader of the National Union of Independent Sugarcane Workers.

Faced with this situation, Karla Patricia Obil Mayoral published in Facebook groups and social networks in the Los Tuxtla area, photographs of Don Goyo in the sugarcane field and at his home, with which he has asked the population to provide any kind of help for the poor old man. In the meantime, the young woman brought food and other items to Don Goyo’s home.

In social networks, Obil Mayoral said that one day, while she was accompanying her mother to supervise the cane cutting, she saw Don Goyo leaving the cane fields.

The man left "walking very slowly, using a cane. From afar you could see the fatigue of the years and my first reaction was to think: how is it possible that a man of such advanced age still has to continue working ? ", asked the young woman.

Then, Karla Patricia offered the man a glass of soda while he was resting. At that time, the older adult mentioned that his name is Gregorio, he is 94 years old and lives alone, so he has to work even though his legs and his spine are not quite right.

"He told me that his children live very far away and no one visits him. When he told me that, his eyes filled with tears and my heart felt a lot of sadness," wrote Karla Patricia.

The young woman affirmed that no one “with a little empathy” would make a 94-year-old senior citizen work to be able to eat since, in addition, the work of cane cutters is very hard and “for someone of that age it must be even more difficult.

"Knowing the whole process involved in the production of sugar, I can tell that the work of cane cutters is very hard and for someone of that age it must be quite difficult and tiring. I asked him for his address and I promised to visit him soon to bring him some clothes as well as groceries. "

For this reason, the young woman commented that she asked Don Goyo for help, either to gather food, clothing or any other product that may be useful.

"Everything good or bad that we do in life comes back to us. Sometimes the world goes around so much that we might need help one day."

Later, the young woman went to Don Goyo’s house, and she made a new publication on social networks to show the conditions in which he lives and, therefore, she again asked to help this man in any possible way.

"The man does not have electricity, he does not have anything in his house and he sleeps in a hammock, if that can be called a hammock. The saddest thing is that I have received almost no response to this cry for help," concluded the young woman.


Veracruz Daily Post