Guadalajara wants to reactivate the convention industry in Jalisco


Guadalajara, Jalisco (March 22, 2021).- Through an Ambassador program that has been operating since 2015, Guadalajara will strengthen its promotion and application as a venue to attract national and international groups and conventions, and reactivate the convention industry in Jalisco.

Currently, the capital of Jalisco is nominated in 40 events whose venue is yet to be defined, Gustavo Staufert Buclon, director of the Guadalajara Convention and Visitors Bureau (OFVC), told El Economista.

“We have just closed the National Ophthalmology Congress and also the Dermatology Congress, which are important because, although we have already had small fairs and conventions, such as Intermoda and Discoveries Mining, the first national and Latin American medical congresses to be retaken will be these two that will take place in July of this year ”, he specified.

The director of the OFVC highlighted that among the international events whose headquarters the city is contesting, the Gay Games stand out, an inclusive sports event at an international level that attracts 10% more athletes than the Olympic Games, and where Guadalajara is one of the finalists as a venue.

The city is also nominated to host the World Congress of Librarians and the World Seed Congress, which has already been won and the date is currently being defined for its realization.

Gustavo Staufert indicated that, although the Ambassadors program was already working in coordination with the Mexico Tourism Promotion Council (CPTM), at the time of his disappearance with the current federal government, Guadalajara resumed the project in 2019 with 20 ambassadors, and date the city has 66.

“We have ambassadors who go from the part of agronomy to technology, through education, books, and music,” explained the director of the OFVC.

The main requirement to hold the appointment of Ambassador, “is to love Guadalajara” and be president or vice president of a national association that has to do with science, technology, music, sports, or books, with the aim that within those organizations, promote the city as the venue for their congresses or conventions.

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO, 30NOVIEMBRE2019.- Color en torno a la edición 32 de la Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara en la expo, en donde como país invitado de Honor es la India. FOTO: FERNANDO CARRANZA GARCIA / CUARTOSCURO.COM

Gustavo Staufert ruled out that after the paralysis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the fairgrounds and convention centers in the world will remain as white elephants, and anticipated that being present at congresses and conventions is a fact that will always happen and when the enclosures are prepared with technology and sanitary security.

“As an example, Expo Guadalajara has made very important investments, some have to do with health security and others, with investment in technology to be able to carry out hybrid events (…) they are two components that are no longer going away; the convention center that wants to continue being and be viable, will have to add a very important technological component ”, he pointed out.

Source: El Economista

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