Playa del Carmen: Hotel plans to recover beach with material from sandbanks


They will invest more than 84 million pesos if the project is approved.

The Grand Sirenis tourist development began the process of requesting permits for the recovery of its beachfront, with sand that it plans to extract from banks located on the waterfront of downtown Playa del Carmen.

According to an Environmental Impact Statement (MIA) issued before the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), it is a project that it plans to carry out in two years.

The promoter “Promociones de Inversiones Almendro” seeks permits for the project that it has called ” Improvement and Stabilization of Beaches Tourism Development Grand Sirenis.

This consists of a set of works designed to diversify the habitats and physical characteristics of the coast adjacent to the aforementioned tourist development, which is characterized by being a rocky coast where the movement of sand is practically zero.

“The coastline of the Grand Sirenis Tourist Development property (…) is characterized by being mainly rocky and in some areas, its access is difficult, so that it is not suitable for the development of recreation and rest activities by tourists, both national and international, who visit this hotel ”, reports the MIA.

The individual proposes an investment cost of 84 million 52 thousand 754 pesos for various concepts that will be paid out in the event that the project is approved; It also informs that they plan to hire 83 workers.

However, the project foresees the extraction of sand from two banks of the material located on the beachfront of Playa del Carmen, specifically, at the height of the corresponding stretch of coastline between Constituyentes avenue and Shangri-la beach.

This area, like a large part of the coast located in the municipal seat of Solidaridad, often registers the phenomenon of erosion. The promoter proposes the extraction of the material and takes it by sea to the complex, that is, 33 kilometers south of Playa del Carmen.

It is the second developer in less than a year that seeks to extract sand from that point because since 2020 the Panama Jacks hotel seeks to do the same, however to date it has not been authorized.



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