What is so special about San Sebastian del Oeste, Jalisco


Where it receives its good and cautious people, who know, contemplate, plant and preserve

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They receive oak, amacaste and pine trees; cattle, and corn on highway number 544 from Vallarta that passes through the towns of Mascota and Talpa de Allende.

Surrounded by the Sierra Madre Occidental and from where it is possible to get there from Guadalajara or from Puerto Vallarta by road, it represents an oasis of retirement where you have to go to feel from its roots what a true ancestral Magical Town is.

San Sebastián Del Oeste, Jalisco, Pueblo Mágico: Guía Definitiva - Tips  Para Tu Viaje

Located approximately 2500 meters high, it stands between flora and fauna, and microclimates that can be appreciated on the way, some areas are dry due to climate change, but the green landscape prevails, with fruit trees, ancestral mushrooms, figs, which it protects the bougainvillea of ​​the region and the pink spring tree that extends deep down next to its lechuguilla agaves that can be seen in the distance adorning the beautiful landscape of healthy and green plantations.

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The Progreso Bridge, a work of Mexican engineering, is spectacular and allows links between various towns to be united because there is no fee charged and it was created respecting the SEMARNAT permits and its population keeps the site clean and in original condition.

Its inhabitants, such as Mrs. Concha, say that it was a mining town and until 15 years ago the paved road was built, which in several sections has precious and regional quarry stone. And it is in San Felipe del Hijar, Los Reyes, and Soyatán where it is possible to find vestiges of history, flora, fauna, crafts, and embroidery.

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Unmissable San Sebastián del Oeste, an ancestral town from the 19th century were stopping for tequila is the option … and the sweets from Fortín are a blessing.

El Kiosco, the Museo Parroquial y Real del Alto, to visit because its sweets and liquors delight the palate; a heavenly place, strolling through the clouds … that tastes like brown sugar and smells like coffee from the height of La Quinta, 100% organic.

San Sebastián del Oeste, un viaje al pasado

It was in 1700 when the Mine was closed, for that reason they emigrated to other areas, always sending economic aid for their own, to keep the town standing.

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Because San Sebastián is located approximately 3 hours from the Riviera Nayarit, a place that US investors such as Nixon, Burton and others discovered to make it a place of rest, something that is possible, for example, on the farm where the old mine is located. Santa Gertrudis, near the pantheon, an incredible place where tombs are built with materials from the region, surrounded by lush green trees, an ancestral and ecological place, where sports such as zip-lining are practiced, with preserved wooden and adobe huts with regional wood and it is possible to stay for all tastes and budgets, from the ranch that you receive when entering Bed and Breakfast, where its owner Don Poncho shakes hands, excellent place.

Volcano I see in the distance, and if it is true … a clear and blue sky.

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The gastronomy of the town is unique, they prepare with Mary mole of 10 chiles with a lot of garlic, something that makes it lighter on the palate, especially for foreign visitors.

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Named Pueblo Mágico in 2011, it is in its Cathedral where it is possible to rest and admire the quality of the restoration. Where the local festivities such as summer and Christmas parties were celebrated before.

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San Sebastián del Oeste is where it receives its good and cautious people, who meet, contemplate, plant and preserve.

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