Tlaxcala is being promoted as a safe tourist destination for travelers in Semana Santa


TLAXCALA, TLAXCALA., March 13, 2021.- Last Friday, the newly appointed head of the State Tourism Secretariat (Secture), Antonio Carvajal Sampedro, held a working meeting with the Association of Hotels and Motels of the State of Tlaxcala (AHMET) to plan strategies to increase the tourist offer of the state.

In a telephone interview, Virgilio Medellín Viveros, president of the AHMET, revealed that at the work meeting, Carvajal Sampedro hinted at his complete willingness to promote tourism in Tlaxcala, and the members of the Association have ideas there were constant coincidences in the proposals for the work plan.

Tlaxcala, Mexico

The work agenda that the AHMET and the Secture are creating, seeks to promote Tlaxcala as a safe tourist site during the Covid 19 pandemic, in order to reactivate the economy of Tlaxcala to support the sustenance of the hotel union and other businesses.

It is known that the dialogues between the agency and the association will continue, in order to have their proposal ready before the start of Holy Week, since this celebration usually leaves an important economic spill for the state.

Source: Quadartin

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