Crocodile caught on Holi beach in Puerto Vallarta


When he was prowling at the mouth of the Pitillal River, a crocodile over two meters high was secured by Ecology personnel.

According to what was reported by the authorities, the reptile had been prowling for days in the area right where the Pitillal river flows, so it represented a risk for bathers, especially children who like to go bathing in the river.

After the personal ecology reports, he was monitoring the place and after that, on Thursday afternoon the animal left and it was that he began the maneuvers to catch it.

After he lifted him up with the ” lazaperros ” the Ecology element began to battle since he could not with it, before which several people came to try to help him, arriving at the personal lifeguard site who supported him, later patrol personnel green arrived to tie it up.

The animal was said to be tagged and numbered 530, which was two meters and 30 centimeters long, which was taken to the Ameca River where it was released. 


The Guadalajara Post