Mazatlan Mayor presents a new version of the MZTourist application


They give a demonstration of the drone project that will be added to the actions for health surveillance at Easter

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Before State Government authorities and businessmen, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres presented the new version of the digital application MZTourtis 2.1, a tool that has been very useful in controlling the pandemic of the Covid-19 in the municipality.

From the facilities of the Tourist Care and Protection Center, the Municipal President assured that the actions that his Administration took during and after the economic closure of the port, have resulted in better management of the health emergency.

“If you compare us with other tourist destinations, we are number one at the bottom of the pandemic. We have been strict, we have been tough with the decisions we have made in some companies, I have been reiterative telling you, the only possibility that Mazatlán will return for the major tourism leagues is that we team up entrepreneurs, the government, and the people in general, and we have achieved it. “

He added that Mazatlán is a destination with the three “S”, Health Security, Citizen Security, and Economic Security, thanks to the work carried out by the New Normal Operation and the two digital applications created by the City Council at no cost to citizens.

app tour mazatlan app captures event

“And these applications came to strengthen these jobs, because we were able to do what we needed in real-time to maintain order in hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, on Avenida Del Mar, in tourist places, (… ) Mazatlán has two applications, two App, the one for the city, the Mazatlán App, and this one, which is the Mztourist, already in a new version, 2.1 “.

During the event, there was a demonstration of the drones that will be added to the health surveillance actions at Easter, which have the technology to count the number of people on the beach, body temperature, and to help in situations of insecurity in port.


The Mazatlan Post