Beach camping is prohibited during Holy Week in Baja California Sur


Beaches will be opened but with restrictive measures

After the health safety committee determined to continue at level 3 in the health alert system, and after allowing access to beaches during the Easter period, the state health secretary Víctor George Flores, indicated that during this same period, camps cannot be carried out on beaches.

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The foregoing was announced at the press conference of the Ministry of Health, in which they expressed that the determination was made, with the intention of reducing the influx of people on beaches and avoiding a new wave of coronavirus infections.

He mentioned that the civil protection security table will be coordinating to determine the actions to be carried out, in order to supervise and ensure compliance with the agreements reached by the health security table.

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Finally, a call was made to the public to participate consciously and work together with the authorities so that the protection measures are carried out in a timely manner, in accordance with the established protocols.

It is important to remember that activities are resumed, in order to remedy the economic crisis that several families have gone through, after the prohibition of some activities, however, this does not mean that we should relax sanitary measures.

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