Is today! Dia del Brujo in Catemaco, Veracruz (video)


The first Friday of March is celebrated in Catemaco the Day of the Brujo so that they improve their magical abilities

Every year on the first Friday in March, Brujo’ Day is held, a community celebration that aims to make the region’s sorcerers improve their magical abilities, cleanse themselves of negative energies, and purify their souls. 

Catemaco: chamanes, limpias y suerte | turismomistico

Due to the fame of the sorcerers in the area, the celebration is attended by all the sorcerers as well as some national and international guests, as Catemaco’s fame has transcended borders. 

In addition, some of those who have benefited from the sorcerers’ magical rituals also come to thank or even ask for a “little job” to help them improve their lives. 

1970, la primer convención de brujería en Catemaco y todos sus detalles

During the celebration, purifying masses are usually held for the sorcerers and also for those attending the celebrations. 

Sometimes sacrifices and rituals are also carried out in the hills of the region whose objective is that the healers cleanse themselves of the vibes that they have left to attend to those who attend throughout the year to ask for their services. 

Para este primer viernes de marzo, brujos de Catemaco invitan a darse "una  limpia" -

The jobs that the assistants apply for vary from love ties, luck with money and even, sometimes, some evil with their enemies. 

However, this day, Friday in March, the town of Catemaco is celebrating. During the day there are tours organized by some to visit Brujos. They offer from a simple aura cleansing purification clean to requests related to love, money, abundance, and the occasional absent-minded request for a mooring, a potion, a black job, etc. 

Celebran el día de la magia y la hechicería

According to the healers, this year, 2021, the problem of the Covid-19 pandemic will continue in addition to there will be earthquakes and climate changes will continue. 

However, during this year’s ceremony, the healers also asked for the purification of the world and gave thanks to mother earth. With these rituals, they hope that nature will be more benevolent during the year. 

In addition, the celebration has had to be mainly virtual to avoid the spread of the virus and the increase in infections of Covid-19, which not only complicates the rituals but also reduces the economic spill that the region receives during the dates. 

Some of the rituals will be done in person but will involve reduced participation and with health safety measures such as healthy distance, use of face masks, and antibacterial gel. 

Why is Catemaco going to cast a spell on you?

In Mexico, when we know that someone has done very badly and, despite all the efforts and good intentions, they go back to being terrible, we will most likely recommend loudly: You better go do one! get a cleansing Catemaco

Por qué Catemaco te va a hechizar -

It is a place surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and its main religious festivals are on February 2 (Feria de La Candelaria) and from July 4 to 16 (Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen).

The most interesting thing is that Catemaco is recognized nationally and internationally as the world capital of witchcraft, and on the first Friday of March the greatest witches on the planet usually meet there, at the International Congress of Witchcraft.

In pre-Hispanic times, the great priests and sorcerers had a very high social and cultural position. Some historians speak that the Mexica had classified about 40 different types of healers, who were highly respected and revered for their magical skills and knowledge. Among the Olmecs, one of the oldest civilizations that inhabited what is now Veracruz, they were also respected and venerated.

With the conquest, there was the arrival of Africans who were traded as slaves, as in Cuba and Haiti. When the cultural mixes were carried out, it did not take long for a series of beliefs about the world of spirits to give way, which resulted in the current sorcerers of Catemaco. 

The Catholic religion was mixed with African beliefs (from which Cuban Santeria and Haitian Voodoo also derived), Mexica curanderismo, and ancient Olmec traditions.

Among the sorcerers, there are also different specialties and in the region the best known are:

White warlocks and black warlocks

The former is considered good and close to God and the latter resort to the much-feared devil. Black sorcerers are believed to work with negative forces and white magicians turn to angels and saints to seek divine intervention, in order to heal the spirit and body, detect whether the individual has been bewitched, heal from fright, or attract prosperity. , among other things. The so-called black magic is used to do harm to someone, take revenge on a bad love or enemy, ruin the competition, and as many evils as you can think of.

The snakeskin

Healers of snake bite, they are especially well recognized and accepted in the region, due to their variety of poisonous snakes.


They take advantage of the medicinal production of plants throughout the region.

The bonesetters

These are chiropractors without medical studies, they are also still popular.

Traditional midwives

With knowledge passed down from generation to generation, they have mostly become professional nurses. They are respected and of great importance in the communities.

Whether you believe in the subject or not, what is true is that between Catemaco and the Tuxtlas region there is a great diversity of medicinal plants and the population has a lot of experience and knowledge of their use and effects since ancient times. The inhabitants rely on these plants for the treatment of multiple ailments.

But Catemaco is not only magic and esotericism and what will truly enchant you is its gastronomy, its people, and that it is surrounded by very diverse flora and fauna, which makes it an excellent destination to enjoy a great vacation. Here I share a list of experiences that you must live in Catemaco.

The Eyipantla Falls

It is a place 12 kilometers from Catemaco, with a waterfall with a spectacular drop of 50 meters, which in pre-Hispanic times was known as the Paraíso del Tlalocan or Lord of the Rains. Remember that Tlaloc was the god of water and this was considered to be his home. The view is so beautiful that movies like Apocalypto (2006) and numerous commercials and videos have been filmed here.

The island of the monkeys

In 1974, the Universidad Veracruzana (UV) introduced macaque monkeys (Macaca arctoides), native to Southeast Asia in danger of extinction, to an island in the Catemaco Lagoon to carry out scientific research studies.

In 1987, one more colony was re-introduced on another of the islands. The main one is the Tanaxpillo island called “Isla de Los Changos”, inhabited by more than 60 macaques in semi-freedom. Boats arrive there with hundreds of tourists who depart from Catemaco to see these screaming monkeys. For its observation, it is recommended to use binoculars and not get too close or disembark, because they can be aggressive.

Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve

It houses enormous biodiversity due to its geographical position and the configuration of the terrain. It is one of the rainiest areas in the country, which gives rise to a complex hydrological network.

In the Los Tuxtlas region, 565 species of birds are reported (40 percent are migratory birds from North America); 139 species of mammals; 166 species of amphibians and reptiles; 109 of fish, and 1,117 species of insects. Regarding the flora, it has about 3 thousand representative and endemic species, such as the Perdiz stick, the pochote, the fig tree, the golden fig tree, the mastate and the chaca.

The area was declared a Biosphere Reserve on November 23, 1998. Several ecotourism activities can be carried out within the Reserve. I suggest that if you plan to visit it, you contact an operator.

The Catemaco Lagoon

Located 340 meters above sea level, it is fed by the streams that descend from the mountains. From the Malecón in Catemaco you can take a boat to walk at your leisure.

Nanciyaga Ecological Reserve

An eco-tourism center in the middle of the tropical jungle, surrounded by the lake, all in harmony with nature. This tourist place has 12 cabins to stay in and organizes tours to the jungle where in addition to the natural beauty, you can admire sculptures of pre-Hispanic reproductions. The place also has temazcal, masseurs, masks and mud baths and, of course, spiritual cleanses.


Here you can also enjoy the sun and the sea. The most visited are Montepío, Toro Prieto, Hermosa, Los Órganos, Punta Puntilla, Roca Partida, Puerto Balzapote and Costa de Oro, located 40 kilometers north of Catemaco.


Here you can also enjoy the sun and the sea. The most visited are Montepío, Toro Prieto, Hermosa, Los Órganos, Punta Puntilla, Roca Partida, Puerto Balzapote and Costa de Oro, located 40 kilometers north of Catemaco.

Sontecomapan Lagoon

In this community ecotourism center, you will enjoy one of the wonders of Veracruz nature. Around the corridor of volcanic hills, you can visit mangroves observing the rich flora and fauna that inhabit them. It is an ideal place for kayaking, boat trips, or long walks on its beaches.

After so much walking and hiking, you will be hungry! Catemaco’s cuisine is delicious and varied, a product of the mixture of indigenous, Spanish, and African cuisine.

How about a yucca chilpachole and some flavored beans seasoned with acuyo leaf?

If it is about tamales, I recommend the purple ones, the masa ones, the mimilos (sweet tamales), the capita tamales (made with beans, squash, and piloncillo).

You will have to leave room for the pinches!

If it is fish and seafood, I suggest the mojarra de Tachogobi with green piquín chili or lemon chili.

For dessert, café de olla and some of the delicious regional sweets.

Finally, you should not miss the magnificent basilica in the main square of the town, dedicated to the Virgen del Carmen. It is considered a key destination for religious tourism, since it receives many pilgrims from Veracruz, Mexico City, Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Puebla. The great difference with other churches not only in the country but in the world is that, before entering, there are vendors who offer pilgrims bunches of basil and other herbs, which the devotees take to the statue of the Virgin to bless them and so on. then shake them over themselves in the form of a cleansing ritual. A clear example of magic-religious syncretism.

I assure you that Catemaco will bewitch you to such a degree that you will want to return again and again until finally, you must accept that Catemaco’s magic does work! 

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