Police beat a 93-year-old woman and her son in Puerto Vallarta


A case of police brutality and abuse of power recently occurred in Puerto Vallarta, where elements of Citizen Security beat 93-year-old Mrs. María del Carmen Piña Gutiérrez and her son Jorge Luis Silva Piña, even entering her home without a search warrant. and with a gun in hand, breaking even the glass of a door.

They narrated that everything originated from a problem with a neighbor, Javier Gutiérrez, from whom they say he intends to take away his house that they built with great effort approximately 30 years ago since he is a bricklayer and his mother supported him as a laborer.

The events occurred on Tuesday, February 23, on Nochebuena street in the El Progreso neighborhood, at 9:00 in the morning, when they threw stones at the door, the old woman came out and saw that it was Javier along with another neighbor named Antonio, yelling at him for his son to come out to hit him.


“So I went out and saw, I told them why they were throwing stones … and a policeman came out of the next house, he wanted to grab me, so I ran, I went to my house … the policeman grabbed and threw my mother to the floor, being thrown in the middle of the door, ”he recalled.

But nothing stopped the representative of the authority: 

“He ran in, I saw him when I was getting to my room, I closed my door, but the policeman kicked him in and opened it, he came in with the gun in his hand and hit me on the forehead, another 5 policemen entered, among them a woman and start hitting me in different parts of the body ”.

Patrol 338 came to support the first attacking police officer, heard that an officer with the last name Brambila and a female element called him La Pancha, but there were four others, they took him into custody, but they never told him the charges, releasing him 20 minutes later who arrived at the police station, leaving all bleeding, they had to suture the wounds on the forehead and upper lip.


Doña Carmen with tears and helplessness does not understand what happened: 

“Well, I went out and opened the door, then the policemen got in, they knocked me down … I stayed with my legs out and my body in, and then I heard my son being beaten,” she said disconsolately.

“They knocked me out … then I got up and my son was gone … I have pure scrapes on my legs and arms.”

There are even still blood stains on the door and wall. They have come to denounce him Human Rights and Internal Affairs of the Police, but disappointed they point out that they only make them go around. 

With a broken voice, a hunched body, full of bruises and wounds, Mrs. Carmen demands justice, she asks why did they beat her? She is a weak woman and did nothing to deserve such an attack.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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