Mexico public health system denied medical care to LBGT community during the pandemic


Thanks to a study carried out by Copred, Yaaj and UC Santa Barbara, the seriousness of the increase in discrimination against members of the LGBT + community was exposed, both by civil society and by public health, housing and employment personnel

Sexual orientation, gender, and its various ways of expressing it have not only been the object of hostility and discrimination by certain sectors of the general population over the years but also in times of pandemic, the serious problem of oppression that the LGBT + community is experiencing was further aggravated and made more visible.

Thanks to a study carried out by the Council to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination of Mexico City (Copred), the inclusive rights organization Yaaj, in collaboration with the University of California Santa Barbara, exposed the seriousness of the increase in discrimination against members of the LGBT + community both by civil society and by public health, housing, and employment personnel.

Demonstrating that phobias and oppression remain latent in society in general, the study of 6,671 people throughout the country showed that 15 percent live in common law and 3.76 percent are married, in addition to the latter he was not recognized as a beneficiary of the public health system, thus denying the right to health only because of his sexual orientation.

The homeless situation continued to worsen as a large number of people were left homeless, as 17.84 percent had to leave their home, 4.84 percent were forced to leave their home due to their sexual orientation, and 29.89 percent he was unable to pay the rent for his home.

In the economic sphere, 7 out of 10 people partially or totally lost their monetary income, and although 47.5 percent were able to respect the quarantine and work from home, 52.5 percent were forced to leave, of which most were trans people.

The complications and the pressure were such that in ages 18 to 19, almost 40 percent had serious suicidal thoughts, while 15 percent tried to kill themselves. On the other hand, 28.25 percent revealed their sexual identity, of which 40 percent were victims of rejection and attempts at conversion. The reasons for discrimination increased revealing that 30.33 percent was due to economic income, 36.04 percent was due to their way of dressing and 47.90 percent was due to their physical appearance.

Although the society that does not consider itself within the LGBT + community “projects” acceptance to this minority, the results in the study revealed a stark and hostile reality. For more information, you can access the official site shown below:

Mexico Daily Post