The off-Road driver will represent BCS in the United States


Outstanding Off Road racer Jessie Zarate Hirales was chosen from a select group of riders to participate in Los Angeles, California.

The young off-road racer, Jessie Zarate Hirales, is a reckless racing driver who has put Baja California Sur and Mexico on top of renowned international circuits.

Triumphs in breach of the outstanding athlete, you have given the opportunity to represent their home state in competitions all-terrain against other racers with vast experience from various countries of the world.

Jessie dominates one end to the peninsula of Baja California, running at high speed your machine power. Obtaining well-deserved triumphs, thanks to his dedication and pride at the wheel.

Maneuvering mighty steel racing cars is no easy task. The intrepid racer has taken her passion for motors to the limit, conquering great feats that add to her meritorious professional career .

Jessie Zarate, caught in action piloting her Off Road vehicle over the arid Baja California desert.

On March 3, Jessie Zarate will be the guest of honor on the PILOTEANDO TV program, broadcast live from Los AngelesCalifornia. There, he will tell about his greatest achievements and the difficult challenges he has faced. In addition to his taste and preference for the Off-Road since his childhood.

Jessie was chosen from a select group of Mexican pilots from Baja CaliforniaSonoraSinaloa, and a large part of the American union, to participate in the special broadcast entitled: “ Mujeres Off Road # 2 ”, on Wednesday, March 3 at 10 a.m. at night, local time.

The intrepid runner has led the BCS and Mexico names to the top in international Off Road competitions.

Millions of Latino and American viewers and listeners who follow the popular Off-Road specialty broadcast will learn about Jessie’s story.

Jessie left Baja California Sur to fulfill her dreams within the sport of her loves. Placing herself among the most winning and famous female pilots in the world, taking female power to glory.


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