Mexico before and after AMLO


“The president and his followers do not tire of saying that everything in the past was wrong, they do not recognize that the country has been transformed in recent decades, that the freedom of expression that we all enjoy is a product of the changes that occurred in Mexico and by those who pushed the right, the left and the center, “says Dr. Luis Rubio, for whom they have not realized that” the opening of the economy has given us better goods, better services, more competitive, better prices ”.

“The president speaks as if before 2018, Mexico was in chaos” , but our collaborator assures that it is not like that:

“Of course things were not perfect, there were many evils and that is the reason why many Mexicans chose a very different government.”

However, the expert believes that the important thing is to ask what to do in the future?

The analyst believes that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador “has achieved an extraordinary thing, and that is to have not only followers but also people who believe in him as an act of faith.”

And because of that, he points out that AMLO “is taking us to the precipice because we are not building the conditions to progress, the country can develop and the economy can grow.”

“The pandemic has hidden the moment we are living, but the development of the country will require huge amounts of investment, the commitment of all Mexicans to convince businessmen.”

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For Luis Rubio, this is the great challenge for Mexico today, however, he says there is no one from the current government working so that this can be achieved.

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