Dollar price today Monday, March 1, exchange rate


Although the Mexican peso gains ground this morning, the dollar remains at a high level in its price, after a very negative February for the national currency. 

Monday, March 1, 2021, the dollar reached a figure of 20.9340 Mexican pesos for each unit purchased, according to official figures from the Bank of Mexico. On the part of the sale, this reached a figure of 20.9440 pesos.

Price of the dollar in the last 5 days

The price of the dollar has varied in recent days and has remained above 20 pesos per unit.

  • Sunday, February 28: 20.9390 pesos
  • Saturday February 27: 20,833 pesos
  • Friday, February 26: 20,7365 pesos
  • Thursday, February 25: 20.4175 pesos
  • Wednesday, February 24: 20.4752 pesos
Precio del dólar hoy lunes 1 de marzo de 2021; tipo de cambio | El Heraldo  de México

Why does the dollar go up and down?

A question that citizens frequently ask themselves, because here we explain what the variation in the price of the dollar is due to day by day.

The answer to this question is that when there is a good flow of the dollar in the market, its price is reduced. However, when there is a shortage in its circulation, the value rises. Because of this, there is a variation in price.

Another aspect that carries out this problem is when investors from somewhere deciding to take their money elsewhere, that is, to move to another country. Because of this, liquidity drops and the price shoots up.

For example, it is like when there is a large number of lemons on the market, as this will generate more supply than demand. On the other hand, if there are few lemons due to poor production or another problem, it will have a higher price.


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