A quarterly report on dengue in Jalisco will be presented in April


On April 26, a quarterly report on the presence of dengue in Jalisco will be presented, it is reported during the formation of the Transectoral Unit for the Prevention and Control of Vector-Borne Diseases.


The Secretary of Health, Fernando Petersen, indicates that last year 24 towns in Jalisco registered the highest number of dengue cases, including Tlaquepaque, Jocotepec, Ciudad Guzmán, La Barca and Guadalajara.

“A total of two million 307 thousand 931 homes were visited with a 60 percent opening of houses. Intra-domiciliary fumigation was carried out in 235 thousand 289 homes ”.

December Report

It is worth remembering the application Without Dengue and the microsite aguasconeldengue.jalisco.gob.mx for information and guidance on the disease, which causes high fever, headache, and muscle pain, and can be confused with Covid-19.

Source: jalisco.gob.mx

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