Puerto Vallarta health official denies covid vaccine to those “well off” she is baptized #LadyProleVallarta


Older adults whom she called “fifís“; The federal official, dressed in an official vest, snapped at the old men for not having identification cards with residence in Puerto Vallarta.

One of the problems of the vaccination campaign in Puerto Vallarta is that “Vaccine Tourism” has been presented since many people from other cities travel to the destination to be vaccinated against COVID-19, at least that is inferred by identifying themselves with credentials from other states and present proof of addresses of this city of Jalisco.

This is the case in the IMSS Clinic # 179, where seniors from other cities arrived to get vaccinated, they faced servants of the nation, who told them that they were not going to vaccinate them because they were giving preference to the elderly in Vallarta. 

However, the coordinator of this area, called Cinthia, “Servant” of the Nation says that the vaccines are for “the offspring” and denies immunization to an elderly person. “If I pass it on to you, I’m going to have to pass it on to all the rich people who were sent here through contacts” … she says.

For this reason, they christened #LadyProleVallarta the Wellness Coordinator at clinic # 179 of the IMSS. This has also generated chaos since there are few vaccines available for this clinic, however, people have been arriving from Ocotlán, Guadalajara, and other municipalities in Jalisco.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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