Mérida: alleged “narco” hitman suspected of murder in Las Americas arrested


Has a criminal record in several entities

MÉRIDA, Yucatan.- A joint work of police intelligence and investigation between the State Attorney General’s Office ( FGE ) and the Secretariat of Public Security ( SSP ), achieved the clarification of the execution of Jesús DC in the Las Américas subdivision, which happened last Tuesday, February 23rd.

Consequently, today the arrest warrant was executed against Daniel AP, 30 years old, originally from the State of Mexico and with a criminal record in other entities of the country.

The successful police and law enforcement work derives from the timely action of elements of the SSP, who worked in close coordination with the Public Ministry and collected the evidence that the Prosecutor’s Office presented to obtain the judicial order for the crime of homicide. qualified against the said individual.

The investigating agents of the State Police executed the arrest warrant today at the Center for Social Reinforcement of the State (Cereso), where the subject was detained.

The accused has been indicted and indicted for property crimes, extortion and use of false documents, and family violence; He was also involved in the crime of child abduction, committed in other entities.

Execution in the Americas

On the morning of Tuesday 23rd, on 55th street at 132 and 136 of the aforementioned subdivision, to the west of Mérida, citizen Jesús DC was killed with several shots from a firearm, related to crimes against health in the state of Quintana Roo.

Source: sipse.com

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