Bill Gates advises AMLO to bet on education Not oil


The founder of Microsoft said that a Mexico can have a very bright future without oil, because its main resource is people.

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, said that the government of Mexico should bet more on education than “to get oil from underground.”

This is how the philanthropist also responded to CNN journalist Andrés Oppenheimer when he asked what advice he would give President Andrés Manuel López Obrador so that Mexico grows more and better.

“Undoubtedly the educational system is the first key to developing a country or the intelligence of its people. Mexico has places like the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, where world-class engineers are trained. But more generally speaking, the educational system in Mexico is very weak, for example, in terms of the accountability of teachers in relation to the economic level of Mexico. And having a good education system is much more important than getting oil out of the ground, “Gates said.

The founder of Microsoft added that education is better than money because it allows informed citizens with a better life.

“After all, a good educational system allows you to have informed citizens, with full lives. Education represents more than money. So Mexico can have a very bright future without oil because its main resource is its people, “he said.

Gates acknowledged that the world is still dependent on gasoline and fossil fuels and that it is a fundamental part of the economy, but there must be an effort by nations to reduce the use of oil for the good of the environment, which will be a challenge. for Mexico.

“There are still 30 years to go to 2050 and we still depend on gasoline to get people to work. You know, to move the economy. How quickly can we reduce that gasoline consumption? We are not sure, but yes, countries will have to gradually move away from the expectation of making a lot of money selling oil or natural gas. And that will be a challenge for the environment, for Russia, for Nigeria, for Mexico ”, he explained.


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