There will be boxing camp in San Cristóbal de las Casas


From March 5 to 7, the BoxFit Camp will be held in San Cristóbal de las Casas, which will be taught by Joaquín “Michín” Cruz, a fighter from Chiapas with an important international tour. The initiative comes from the private sector and is focused on people who want to know more about the sport of “cauliflower ears”.

Without the possibility of carrying out functions, due to a national sanction, the “Michín” has not been left without activity, because events like this keep it close to its great passion, as it declared for “Cuarto Poder”.

“The championship arises from private initiative. I will only teach the classes; I will be the one to direct the training, it is not a personal business. It is something striking, interesting for those who want to know a little more about this beautiful sport ”, stated the state boxer.

For these works, both people who are completely unaware of the discipline and those who have already traveled a certain path, because with the teachings of Joaquín Cruz it is expected that the experience will be unique.

“We are going to show how a boxer’s training is like; in what way the cardiovascular exercise sessions, boxing techniques, ‘sparring’, and activities such as yoga, meditation, and recreational activities are carried out ”, he explained.

Similarly, he indicated that the doors are open for men and women. “Those who want to attend should set aside their room at the La Conivencia hostel, which is organizing the camp. There are various prices. By doing so, they will automatically have full access to the activities that are planned ”, expressed the boxer.

Registration is still open and those who wish to live the experience may request information through the Facebook page: BoxFit, or by calling 9612476177 and 9671222571.


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