Acapulco travel agencies reported a drop in sales of 70 percent


The tourist who arrives on weekends or long weekends arrives very limited in money, said Santos Ramírez, president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agency

The Mexican Association of Travel Agency (AMAV), Guerrero subsidiary reported a drop in sales of 70 percent, mainly the tour of walks so that the tourist has a fun experience with the attractions that this beach destination has.

The president of the Association, Santos Ramírez Cuevas said that there are few agencies that are active and in that sense he mentioned the case of some members of the AMAV who are selling at the points of sale at the entrance of the Autopista del Sol booth.

He said that although tourism arrives on weekends or holiday bridges, it does not bring enough resources to pay for packages of recreational activities in Acapulco.

“The tour operates as walks, tourist experience, all that if it has dropped by up to 80 percent.”

However, he commented that everything that is the tourism product, hotel packages also fell considerably, “sales in general went down to 70 percent and we are waiting for things to be fixed.”

Ramírez Cuevas also pointed out that the only ones that have tourist activity are those who offer the boat ride on the Island of La Roqueta.

He added that recreational yachts such as the Bonanza and the Aca Rey, have been affected by this pandemic and their sales and influx have dropped considerably.

He considered that being on a red epidemiological traffic light only scares people away, but it is a responsible measure that everyone must abide by.


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