Public restroom urgently needed on Mazatlan beaches


* And you … do you “pee” in the sea?

Tourists and local people agree on the urgent need for the municipality or any authority to install public toilets in the beach area, especially the busiest, to provide better service and image as a tourist destination.

A part of mature women who arrived from Quintana Roo commented that there, in Cancun, there are public toilets near the beaches and that this is a normal service to support tourists.

Another person pointed out that in Puerto Vallarta there are also public toilets near the places of greatest tourism. He even stressed that it is even a matter of public health.

Other interviewees even jokingly said that at times they have had to get into the sea to be able to “pee”, although some with an attitude of shame at the embarrassing situation. However, there are others who do not mind that the “tamarinds” float.

In Mazatlán it is an old desire, even for the same itinerant beach workers who have to pay in the restaurants that let them enter to fulfill their needs. They point out that there is no problem that these public toilets have a recovery price for maintenance and cleaning.


The Mazatlan Post