Los Cabos will have a different spring break says Hotel Association


As of this weekend, the arrival of young Americans to the destination begins, who are exhorted to the mandatory use of mouth covers 

In the framework of the security table, in addition to the review of the statistics, a very worrying issue for the Los Cabos Hotel Association and the business sector was reviewed, which is the spring break season and although it is known that they will not When young people arrive in groups, there are no hotel negotiations with the tour operators that handle these groups, but in any case, it is a vacation stage in the neighboring country and it is a fact that there will be the arrival of more youth tourism and of course is the nightlife activated, many precautions will have to be taken in the matter of health.

Spring breakers

This was reported by the president of the Board of Directors of the Los Cabos Hotel Association said that starting next week the greater presence of youth tourism is expected in Los Cabos, but it will operate based on what is authorized by the Security Council and Health with 40 percent capacity and that is what is in the record books.

He reiterated that due to natural calendar reasons, the visit of young tourists will begin to be received from next week, reiterating that the Association requested the authorities and took it very well that all the official vehicles that are in the strip of the hotel zone of San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, warn tourists who walk in the streets without mouth covers, as applied by the municipality of La Paz through security in the state with positive results and it is intended to apply here also to May young American visitors have that discipline on their tours of the marina and downtown Cabo San Lucas area.

Likewise, he indicated that the information is being provided that in Los Cabos the use of a mask is mandatory to the entire service chain and business levels that each hotel has to its partners so that before the tourist arrives at the destination they know perfectly that You must use the mask in public areas.

On the subject, the general director of Municipal Public Security, Juan José Zamorano, indicated that surveillance will be reinforced and coordination will be maintained with business organizations so that with this new normality the safety of tourists, citizens and that Respect health measures so that despite the arrival of visitors, this will not affect health problems due to covid-19.

For his part, Julio Castillo, executive president of the Coordinating Council of Los Cabos, commented that the traditional spring break season is coming, young Americans who arrive on this date, the first batch will be held this weekend and consecutively for four weeks and clarifying that in no way does it come in the numbers that were had before, nor will there be special events but at the security level there will be special operations for health care due to covid-19.

Source, tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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