Mazatlan’s Plazuela Machado street vendors ask not to be withdrawn


There are around 10 semi-fixed vendors with tolerance who seek the support of the City Council so that they are allowed to work in their usual place

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Around 10 semi-fixed vendors with tolerance in Plazuela Machado seek the support of the City Council to allow them to work in their usual place, after merchants with permission from the same sector pressure them to leave the place.

José Ramírez, who makes spray paints, says he has been in the square for more than 10 years and this week they no longer let them wear.

Since 1992 he has provided his services to the DIF in cultural activities, he does not charge a peso, but in return he asked that they let him work in the square, it was an agreement that passed through several administrations and had not had any problem.

I never asked for my badge because I work for the City Council, I support the DIF in cultural activities, and in exchange for that they let me work in the Machado

Jose Ramirez

He added that the rest of the colleagues were not granted permission because supposedly there were not in that area, however, they always gave tolerance to some, now that there are too many and because of the protocols of healthy distance in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, they want remove them.

“After I got there in the square, new people have come in and they already bring their badges, when it is assumed that there were no permits, and I who have been here for 10 years have never given me anything, on the contrary they are running away at me”, added.

He points out that on Monday they went to the Chief Officer, they wanted to talk all together to put pressure on them, but he “interviewed” them one by one and assures that he bluntly told them that they no longer wanted them there.

Then they sent them to the Subdirectorate of Commerce, where they did not solve anything either, they proposed that they relocate outside the tourist area, however, they all sell handicrafts, souvenirs or souvenirs, so moving to the periphery would mean no longer have sales.

Plazuela Machado


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