Querétaro municipality and citizens reforest park in Cerrito Colorado


Thanks to the Respira Querétaro program, neighbors of Cerrito Colorado held a Reforestation Day in Choles Park, where 50 large trees were placed to give the park a better view, more shade, and collaborate to have a greener Querétaro for a better quality of life to all the families that inhabit the area.

In recognizing the work of the community, the Municipal Mayor of Querétaro, Luis Nava, also highlighted the work of the Municipal Public Services staff, as well as the beneficiaries of the Temporary Occupation program who support this work, which together with the presidents of Community Committees achieve that the Respira Querétaro program remains active.

“Help us to get people to adopt a tree so that they can plant it and take care of it, we are going to do better this Querétaro together, we are going together for a better Querétaro”, Luis Nava told those present.

In the Choles park they planted: 15 trees of the Pata de Vaca species; 15 from Grevilla and 20 from the species known as Fraile.

It should be mentioned that since 2019 and to date, Respira Querétaro has planted or donated 127 thousand 784 trees of different species because, despite the pandemic, the work continued with the support of Temporary Occupation people, with whom it has increased 53 percent of the existing plant mass in the Municipality.

So far this year, nearly 21,000 donation requests have been received for companies, condominiums, and schools, and to date, 1,700 trees have been planted or donated.

Source: elqueretano.info

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