Molotov cocktails thrown at protest against the candidacy of Salgado Macedonio in Guerrero


 People also burned banners to demand the state authorities not to allow the MORENA candidate to enter the electoral contest

Feminist collectives threw Molotov cocktails and painted the campaign offices of the Morena candidate for governor of Guerrero, Félix Salgado Macedonio, located in the municipality of Chilpancingo.

Around 2:00 p.m., more than a hundred women gathered in the surroundings of the Granados Maldonado shopping center to start the march and protest against the candidacy of a man that has been formally accused of rape.

In the place they gave a speech, stating that they will not allow Salgado Macedonio to come to power, because they will campaign so that, in case his candidacy is confirmed, no one will vote for him.

They also expressed their annoyance against the morenista, recalling that he threw a 100-peso bill at his victim after he had raped her.Hooded women protested in Chilpancingo (Photo: Twitter / @ OBANDO13)

Hooded women Protest in Chilpancingo (Photo: Twitter / @ OBANDO13)

Most of them dressed in black, with purple and green bandannas, the march advanced to the City Hall shouting: “A rapist will not be a governor “, a message that was written on their banners.

At the scene, the hooded women threw at least two homemade bombs and painted walls with the legends: “Not one less”, “Felix rapist” and “Feminicide state.”

After that, they proceeded to the facilities of the Common Law Public Ministry Agency (MPFC), where they demanded that the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) prosecute the investigation file against Salgado Macedonio for the crime of rape, which has not been taken into account by the judicial authorities claiming that the facts prescribed.

The next point of the demonstration was at the Morenista’s tent where several firecrackers and Molotov cocktails were thrown. They also burned several of their banners with the aim of drawing the attention of the authorities so that Macedonio does not reach the electoral ballot.Members of feminist collectives protested outside the CEN of Morena against the candidate for governor of Guerrero, Félix Salgado Macedonio (Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive)Members of feminist collectives protested outside the CEN of Morena against the candidate for governor of Guerrero, Félix Salgado Macedonio (Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive)

Upon arriving at the Guerrero Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute (IEPC-Gro), the hooded women handed over a document to cancel the registration of Salgado Macedonio as a candidate for governor of the state of Guerrero for Morena.

The feminist demonstrations against the candidacy of the licensed senator have been constant, mainly outside Morena’s headquarters, located in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City.

However, despite the calls of the protesters, as well as the victim herself, who has said that her case is not related to the elections, but to achieve justice after the pain of being raped, the support of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as well as other Morenistas, such as the head of the capital’s government, Claudia Sheinbaum, Macedonio’s candidacy has been unchangeable.

Proof of this was the morning conference given this Thursday, Feb. 19th, by the head of the federal executive where, in addition to defending the candidacy, he expressed himself irresponsibly using the phrase “Ya chole.

“Feminists indicated that they will not allow Salgado Macedonio to continue in the race (Image: Special / Courtesy)

“So now, as some say, right ?, ‘ya chole‘ […] women have their right to demonstrate, as the people of Guerrero also have the right, those who support Félix, same thing, everyone is exercising the rights to freedom, ” AMLO said.

Such response to the reactions of feminists and even writers, journalists, politicians, and activists to the demand that Macedonio is removed from the race for the governor of Guerrero, has been criticized by the president.

On Twitter, the hashtag #YaChole became a trend, and was used by intellectuals, journalists, as well as by politicians.

In addition to the demonstrations, Internet users have taken photos with banners with the legend “President break the pact”, so that Salgado Macedonio does not reach the governorship.


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