Yucatan Governor inaugurates school, but when will students be able to go back?


Tizimín, Yucatán, February 17, 2021.- More than 13,000 students from Tizimín and its police stations will benefit from the new educational spaces, furniture, and equipment that Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal delivered so that the students of the public schools of this municipality can count on the appropriate facilities and environments so that, when the epidemiological conditions of the Coronavirus pandemic allow it, they return to face-to-face classes.

Together with the head of the State Secretariat of Education (Segey), Loreto Villanueva Trujillo, and the mayor of Tizimileño, Mario González, Vila Dosal inaugurated the newly created primary school “Otilia López”, located in the Vivah subdivision north of this community, where 380 children study.

After the Governor cut the opening ribbon, the head of the Ministry of Public Works, Virgilio Crespo Méndez, explained that the construction of this school is part of the more than 20 million pesos that the State Government has applied for the construction and expansion of new educational spaces, as well as maintenance work consisting of the repair of electrical and sanitary installations and waterproofing, among other actions. These tasks are carried out in 62 schools in this municipality, benefiting 11,542 students from the east.

Before the director of the new school, Josefina Puerto, the head of the SOP specified that this new school has 18 classrooms, 1 classroom for the Regular Education Support Unit (USAER), sanitary facilities, administrative offices, civic plaza, walkers , multipurpose court, and perimeter fence.

Later, Vila Dosal moved inside the newly created educational center to unveil the commemorative plaque and supervise the delivery of furniture for schools in this municipality.

In this regard, the head of the Segey, together with the directors of the beneficiary schools, explained that in Tizimín a total of 1,690 students from 36 schools are supported with the delivery of furniture, including full-time schools, with an investment of resources of almost 1 million pesos.

Specifically, Villanueva Trujillo explained that furniture is delivered, including chairs, pallet chairs for right and left-handed people, desks, tables, among other pieces, to 11 elementary schools not only in the municipal seat of Tizimín, but also in the police stations of Chancenote, San Andrés, Cabichén, Dzonot Carretero, San Juan, San José Montecristo, Cenote Azul, El Edén, San Isidro, Luis Rosado Vega, Kabichén, Chenkekén, el Cuyo and Tixcancal.

Regarding the delivery of equipment for full-time schools, the head of Segey reported that these schools are provided with cleaning supplies and kitchen appliances, including microwave oven, stove, refrigerator, freezer, brooms , buckets, medicine cabinet and even boards of different colors to cut and thus avoid food contamination, among others, since these schools have dining rooms and kitchens to provide food to their students and this, he emphasized, must be done under all the rules of hygiene necessary when minors can return to face-to-face classes.

Through the Full Time Schools program, 16,508 students from 49 municipalities are benefited and school furniture continues to be delivered to support 367 schools in 79 districts.

After the delivery of the equipment, the Governor spoke with the directors and directors present, from whom he heard various proposals and recognized the effort they have been making to teach distance learning, due to the health emergency due to the Coronavirus, at the time he asked them to continue supporting the Yucatecan students.

Likewise, Vila Dosal explained that, due to budget cuts, the state government will receive 2,000 billion pesos less this year, however, he assured them that with what is available they will continue to work and seek a way to make it more efficient to continue to support the education sector.

“Last year was the most difficult in the history of Yucatán with the pandemic and the arrival of three tropical storms and two hurricanes that brought with them the highest rainfall record in a year ever recorded, so it was totally atypical. I ask for your support with the great effort that you have made so far, serving students and parents to avoid student dropouts. So that when we can return to classes, we do so with the same number of students enrolled ”, emphasized Vila Dosal.

Source: Yucatan al Instante

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