Mazatlan Civil Protection prepares for onslaught of Semana Santa tourist


They will adjust the operation of sanitary protocols, and monitoring controls on the beaches where the traffic light is still active to avoid contagion of COVID-19

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The beaches of the port of Mazatlán remain restricted, as ordered since June 2020, after establishing the new normal, in the midst of this pandemic that began in March, and more because it is governed under a traffic light, he said Eloy Ruiz Gastélum. 

The Civil Protection coordinator in Mazatlán pointed out that they are preparing the operation for Easter and firmly establish the sanitary protocols against COVID-19 and above all that the beaches of the port are not saturated. 

“There are still restrictions, as has been handled since the start of the operation from July 1, after the opening of the tourist port here in Mazatlán, the beach areas are divided into 30 sections, each with a permitted capacity. and it continues to be handled that way, remember that it is by surface, the beach section is limited by surface and each surface is limited by a number of people ”. 

The Civil Protection coordinator in Mazatlan said that tourists can be sure that this sun and beach destination maintains actions and operations in these points, where the pandemic has led to adjusting measures and avoiding the chain of coronavirus infections. 

“Specifically, that there are general conditions so that people can come to enjoy a week-long holiday as we are used to doing it, if it were not so, well that the tourist who wants or who wants to come to visit our port should feel sure, they know that our emergency forces are ready and ready to receive them ”. 

Ruiz Gastélum pointed out that finally the preventive measures do not lower their guard in the port of Mazatlán, since the important thing is to avoid an increase in active COVID-19 infections.


The Mazatlan Post