Government and the City Council of Mérida propose the Carlos Iturralde Stadium as a new Mega Green Point


Mérida, Yucatán, February 16, 2021.- Betting on a new culture of caring for the environment, the Director of the Sports Institute of the State of Yucatán, Carlos Sáenz Castillo, in the company of Councilor Jesús Pérez Ballote and the Chief of Environmental Culture from the Mérida City Council, Angelina Escalante Acereto, toured the Carlos Iturralde Stadium as one of the possible sites for the placement of a Mega Green Point of the Mérida City Council, in the east of the city.

The Director of IDEY expressed that it is a pride for us that the sports spaces in charge of the State Government in Mérida, are taken into account as one of the green points by the City Council.

This speaks of the trust that is placed in our spaces by the commune, since they are social referents of impact to apply for their programs, knowing that they will have the recognition and support of the community in general.

For his part, Councilor Pérez Ballote reported that there are currently 7 mega Green Points in Mérida, and with the management of a new one in the east they would seek to cover the 4 cardinal points of the city, a public policy that seeks to reduce the amount of garbage that it is generated daily in Mérida, reducing the environmental impact that is caused.

It should be remembered that last November the creation of the new Regulation for Comprehensive Waste Management in Mérida was approved, which contemplates the promotion and permanent stay of these Green Points in the city, where last year a collection of 197 tons of solid waste.

Pérez Ballote thanked the IDEY Director for their willingness and the joint effort made by Mayor Renán Barrera Concha and Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, to continue promoting these actions for the benefit of the environment and the meridians, betting on a new culture of caring for the environment.

Likewise, the representatives of the civil associations Cero Basura AC and Va por la Tierra AC, Carolina Canché Rodríguez and Salvador Castell González, respectively, who have been participating in the management of this green point in this area of ​​the city, were present.


The Yucatan Post