Queretaro highway 57 close for an hour and a half


San Juan del Río, Qro., February 13, 2021.- For an hour and a half the federal highway México-Querétaro was closed due to the maneuvers carried out by a unit with a large cylinder, the work was carried out by Caminos and Federal Bridges in coordination with elements of the National Guard on the road section.

The cylinder is destined for the south of the country, so it will travel the federal highway to Mexico City, for this, the circulation where the maneuver was made to turn was closed since the dimensions of the cylinder is 50 meters in height. length.

The line of cars was observed 10 kilometers behind, so some motorists had to use alternate lanes.

The maneuvers took more than an hour and a half until it was possible to turn around and circulation was restored.

The Queretaro Post