Glamping, the elegant way to go camping


Glamping is one of the trends that is gaining strength from Covid-19

Glamping is a global trend in accommodation that is gaining relevance in the context of the new normal, this consists of combining outdoor camping and the comforts offered by a luxury hotel.


According to Trivago Mexico, some of the most representative examples of glamping worldwide are Sandat Glamping Tents in Bali, Indonesia:

Conestoga Ranch, in Garden City, Utah, United States, enlivened to the Old West:
Conestoga Ranch In Utah, United States |

Knights Glamping at Leeds Castle in the UK:

These are just a few examples, because glamping, or camping with glamor, allows you to experience a connection with nature without losing the comforts of a hotel, which continues to grow worldwide.

Glamping in Mexico

Huasca Sierra Verde, hotel & glamping. The site has distinguished itself by offering attractions such as its “Night Tour through the Magic Forest of the Goblins” and now, to face the circumstances due to Covid-19, it is working with biodegradable cleaning and sanitizing products, approved against SARS- COV-2 and certified by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration).

Hideout Monterrey – Bubble Glamping. The place was designed for people who like adventure, nature and for those who like to relax in the middle of nature. The project will consist of 10 bubbles and its first opening was on July 15, 2020; they initiated with 10 glamping cabins with glass rooms. They are located on the San Mateo Highway in Monterrey.
Hideout Monterrey – Bubble Glamping

Campera Hotel Bubble. It is located inside the vineyards of Valle de Guadalupe, in the heart of Baja California Wine Country, and it features luxury suites in the shape of bubbles that will allow you to observe the stars in all their splendor. A glass of wine never tasted better…

Campera – Hotel Burbuja


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