USMCA railway corridor will begin construction in 2021


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, the first stage of the T-MEC Mazatlán-Winnipeg railway corridor will begin in 2021, confirmed the CEO of Caxxor Group, Carlos Ortiz.

During a virtual meeting with the partners of Coparmex Mazatlán, he explained that, in a first stage, it is contemplated to move forward with the layout of the railway infrastructure, as well as the creation of the new port that will be located within the city of Mazatlán.

He stated that the master plan for this great work that will make Mazatlán the most important port in Latin America, will be revealed this year and that from the second quarter of 2021 construction work will begin in a first stage.

“This project will be launched in January, it will begin to be built in a matter of months, the main part of the construction will be completed in about two or three years and this is where this revitalization of commerce will come,” he said.

The CEO of Caxxor Group explained that the first stage will focus on advancing with the railway project and working on the port terminal, which will be focused on container loading, He emphasized that it makes no sense to think of a railway without a port and vice versa.


Photo: Courtesy │ Ferromex

Carlos Ortiz reiterated that the infrastructure will be world-class and stressed that the investment is safe and will not be postponed due to the high viability it shows as well as the container terminal and the shipyard, both part of the project.

“We will start with the simplest stage to avoid delays, starting with the simplest, the first thing will be the construction of the container terminal to have quick, concrete, and tangible results, “ he said.

In turn, he added that the new port would be in Mazatlán, although he did not reveal precisely whether it will be within the urban area or in the surroundings.

“This kind of port would be on a platform rather than on land, the location is close to Mazatlán, it will be revealed exactly once the master plan is presented, but until now it has not been visualized within the port area, since it can find a very important tourist vocation that will be of great benefit to all, “ Ortiz continued.

Photo: Courtesy │ Ferromex

In this regard, he pointed out that it is more convenient to use the port of Mazatlán and not that of Topolobampo because this would shorten the distances for some shipping companies, but they are projects that are going to complement each other and one another will promote it.

“At the moment the business model that we have outlined is in this location, without ruling out that later it can be enriched with new projects in Sinaloa,” he concluded.

The project includes the construction of a new terminal in Sinaloa for 1.3 billion pesos, a logistics center in Winnipeg for 400 million dollars, in addition to one billion dollars for the development of logistics centers in the country and 300 million dollars for a shipyard. These works that are expected to start in the first quarter of 2021.

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