Mazatlan restaurant owners coordinate for Easter “Semana Santa” holidays


* They are aware of the cases of the pandemic, that is why they will take preventive measures

After a year where different important events have been canceled in the port of Mazatlán due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the restaurant businessman Ricardo Velarde, expressed that they are already being coordinated for Easter.

He indicated that for the moment nothing is certain, but they hope that the contagion statistics will benefit them to celebrate Holy Week with due precautions.

Resultado de imagen de Restaurantes de Mazatlán

“The planning for Easter obviously we are coordinating to be able to open, and the greater willingness to have this understanding that if it is necessary in February to make more drastic decisions, we would be willing to do so, but if the numbers favor us, we hope that the government of that ease of working and being able to benefit, ”he reported.
The businessman commented that they are aware of the pandemic, so health is paramount for them.

“We are with the sensitivity to the surface of making immediate decisions so that health is put as a priority and our sector benefits,” he said.

We hope to have a good Easter, he predicted, we know that it will not be like in other years, but we will recover.
It will be a matter of great coordination and dialogue with the authorities ”, he explained.


The Mazatlan Post