Apathy slows down the development of surfing in Quintana Roo


CANCÚN, Q. ROO. – Surfing has enjoyed a recent boost worldwide thanks to its inclusion as a sport in the Tokyo Olympic Games, however, in Quintana Roo, ignorance and disinterest have prevented its takeoff as a competitive activity due to its free origin and “mystical”.

This is how David Hernández Hernández, president of the Quintana Roo Surf Association and Technical Director of the Mexican Surf Federation, considered it, who spoke with Luces del Siglo to explain the current state of the discipline in the state.

“Unfortunately, Mexican surfing, despite being practiced since the 1940s, has been very mystical and rebellious. I am aware that in Cozumel, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Cancun there are approximately 20 surfing academies, where none have initiated any process of affiliation and state, national or international recognition. In Quintana Roo it has been very difficult to make the instructor understand the importance of using scientific and technological tools in terms of teaching techniques, in addition to the equipment necessary to teach with greater safety, especially because they do not see the usefulness in being certified in any way”.

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From his point of view, the lack of a normative framework that enters sport in the same work dynamics that exists in other sports has contributed to the current disorder. In 2018, work began on its creation, however, its introduction is still viewed with skepticism.

“Since that is unknown, and since surfing is a freely practiced sport, it is easy to cause disorder. The sea is open, you cannot keep a record of what happens as it is an open space compared to other sports, that is why a normative framework is required. Creating the framework involves creating rules and laws that must be followed. Telling a surfer that he is 40 years old without respecting and without knowing the rules, that now he must update to be recognized, he prefers not to join in order to avoid problems, that ignorance, unfortunately, makes failure to be glimpsed in the future, since the Subsequent generations will not know the standards necessary to excel in sport, and thus, global sporting success can never be achieved. ”

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The antecedents of international championships and outstanding representations in various events make Quintana Roo a fertile land for the take-off of Surfing, and the organization of a framework could, in David Hernández’s opinion, eliminate all antecedents of apathy and ignorance. 

“Quintana Roo has had athletes who have become nationally recognized on the most prestigious beaches. In the last Paddle World Cup, a fourth-place was achieved, which tells us that in the state, although people do not understand it because of the lack of interest and ignorance of sports culture, it has the necessary characteristics to be a power. If people do not understand the importance of being part of such an organization, it will be very difficult for, despite having everything to be a power, to achieve a relevant triumph. If everything were ordered, I would dare to say that in five years we would be a national power.

Finally, Hernández considers that the celebration of the Olympic Games in Tokyo could become a watershed to generate more acceptance among future competitors, who already show aptitude and interest in competitive surfing.

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“We have noticed that 12-year-old children from various beaches in the country are becoming more interested in these issues than learning the rules to improve their practices through clinics and talks on normative updates. If with this program we manage to enter a Mexican to the Olympic Games, the safest thing is that the children who currently practice the sport, acquire a competitive and winning mentality, with a role model, greater technical understanding and regulations ”.

Source: lucesdelsiglo.com

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