Mazatlan DIF support 30 children orphaned by Covid-19


The DIF awards scholarships of one thousand pesos every two months and food allowances to children who lost one or both parents

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Due to the loss of one or both parents as a result of the coronavirus, the Mazatlán municipal DIF System included 30 children in the scholarship program, of which 4 are from rural areas, who are also supported with donations and pantries, in addition to giving them psychological care and free funeral services.

The president of the DIF, Gabriela Peña Chico, reported that these children are given a scholarship of 1,000 pesos every two months, as well as pantries and donations that arrive through Covid-19 aid programs.

“The support is a scholarship that is given in the town hall, through the DIF System, it is bimonthly, but we also have them integrated into other supports that come to us, whether it be donations, tennis, pantries, they are the first to benefit from donations that we receive from the DIF ”, she expressed.

She commented that so far no case is under the protection of the DIF, since the children who lost both parents are under the guardianship of their grandparents, who receive the support.

She said that currently, the municipal DIF has four more cases pending of boys and girls who lost one or both parents, who will also be included in the scholarship and psychological care program.

Children who suffered the loss of a parent will receive support. 

She announced that the main requirement to be included in the scholarship register provided by the system for the Integral Development of the Family of the municipality of Mazatlán, in the case of these children, is to carry the death certificate of their parents.

Peña Chico said that of the 30 children who receive this support, four are from the rural area and the rest from the urban area.

On the other hand, he pointed out that the support for families with Covid-19 patients who are in the General Hospital “Martiniano Carvajal” in Mazatlán, has been uninterrupted for 7 months, who are given food every day and have a mobile toilet, in addition to supporting them with functional devices.


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